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Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30, 1968




Boldog születésnapot. Hiányzol.




(I finished Long Way Round today, for you. I know you would hate that I won’t ride any more. I’m sorry, Tomi. You understand.)


Remember me my love?

I’m the one you’re dreaming of.

I’m going for a ride,

I’ll keep you warm inside.

I’m gonna roll up the sidewalk,

I’m gonna tear up the ground.

I’m coming round to meet you,

The long way round.

Sooner or later,

I’ll get me off this track.

I gotta do what it is that I do

Then I’m coming back

Got sun on my face.

Sleeping rough off the road.

I’ll tell you all about it,

When I get home.

I’m gonna roll up the sidewalk,

I’m gonna tear up the ground.

I’m coming round to meet you,

The long way round.


4:00 PM


Sunday, November 26, 2006

five good things


A small and incomplete list of things that have already made me smile this morning, or at least didn’t make me cry:

1. Kim’s “Aloo Naan Song,” as inspired by a strong Grover Blanc de Blanc

2. That I was able to have dinner with Kim last night

3. My ugly temporary crown is only temporary, AND it fits

4. The small cut on my face from coughing while being drilled (oops) is also temporary

5. My car was once again NOT broken into last night


Bonus, because no. 4 is a bit of a stretch:

6. I will see Amy at some point today


Bonus, because I’m in a good mood at 8:30 in the morning:

7. I have to go to Meininger’s at some point today


Bonus, because I also enjoyed the Blanc de Blanc:

8. Those trees really ARE surprisingly fluffy and soft to fall into. Also, buoyant. I might do it again. 🙂


8:25 AM


Friday, November 24, 2006



Thanksgiving Dinner Menu:

baked goat-cheese-stuffed bell peppers

shrimp cocktail

roasted garlic & tapenade



corn bread stuffing

mashed potatoes

Erin’s “company potatoes”

green beans


sweet potato pie

pear pie

dark chocolate ice cream affogato

flowing wine, champagne, bourbon, gin…

two loads in the dishwasher

and best of all, good friends. impossible to have too many servings of those.


Currently listening : 

The Essential Marty Robbins 

By Marty Robbins 

12:26 AM


Monday, November 20, 2006

Nothin’ says lovin’ like…


…somethin’ from the oven.*


Tonight, I’m baking the cornbread for Thursday’s cornbread stuffing. And it smells goooood. I might have to eat a piece. To, uh, make sure it came out okay. Yeah, that’s it.


*Does anyone remember what that’s from? I don’t feel like googling it.


8:27 PM


Friday, November 17, 2006

Sucky McSuck Suck


It’s 9. I’ve recently returned home from my 6:00 dentist appointment. The filling that cracked was apparently the icing on the cake of a cavity that required a root canal.


My first root canal.


Relatively painless, actually. Tedious as all get-out, though. With the bite blocker and dental dam in place, it was practically an out-of-body experience. Well, except for the tugging and drooling and the stench of bleach (yeah, it seems that after they scrub out the root canal, they put some sort of bleach mix in there to make sure it’s squeaky clean). And now I have a happy (read: miserable) appointment next weekend for the crown to top it off.


AAAANNNNNDDDD, because they gave me THREE shots of whatever they give you, my face is so numb that I am incapable of eating without inadvertently chewing my own tongue/cheek/lip. Even my eye is numb. At this point, I’m glad I’m numb. The dentist scared me with a scrip for Vicodin, too late to get filled tonight. I hope everything is okay tonight…


8:59 PM


Thursday, November 16, 2006

It’s the most wonderful time of the year


That, my friends, is sarcasm. While the current time of year is, in fact, lovely, I am here making an ironic statement stemming from the annoyance of my Second Annual Broken Filling Moments Before Thanksgiving. Coincidentally, again involving black beans. Now, given that I live in Colorado and eat a fair amount of nuevo-Mexican-style food, the odds are high that any eating catastrophe WOULD involve black beans. But I still find it a little peculiar. It doesn’t hurt, but there’s a loose piece of filling wedged in the gap that used to have a larger filling, and I’m hesitant to eat anything that requires, say, chewing. (Dear me, this is all so familiar!) My dentist can’t see me until 6pm tomorrow, so I’m just going to have to deal with it. (The delay is partially my fault; I didn’t even call until 7 tonight. What on earth was I thinking? That the tooth would spontaneously regenerate?)


In happier news, a friend sent me a lovely 2GB “FireFly” thumb drive. It’s so small, I’m afraid I’ll lose it if I sneeze. I should tether it to my keychain post haste. It blinks with a blue light, as does my new itsy-bitsy Bluetooth headset. I’m still getting the hang of the thing, but felt All Powerful when I used it tonight to place a VOICE DIALED call to my mum. I do wish it didn’t look like I have a cockroach in my ear, though.


I have removed the 45 RPM Messenger Bag from my CafePress store. My dad ordered one, and called me to rave about the good quality of the bag… but also noted that the yellow spindle on the yellow bag was more, eh, “subtle” than as viewed on the web site. If anyone has imagery of a non-yellow spindle and could forward it to me for proper color sampling, I’ll create a messenger-bag-s
pecific graphic.


Erin is not blogging from the road, but has been checking in with me regularly. (Thanks!) She is having a horrible week, but is still managing to laugh about it. Perhaps she’s actually hysterical. I wouldn’t blame her. If you will see Erin next week, I suggest showering her with flowers/chocolate/martinis. She might equally appreciate dry clothing and a long nap. And maybe to never again see another giant topiary bear. I really hope that this project doesn’t suck the Christmasy goodness out of her.


Currently listening : 

How We Operate 

By Gomez 

7:12 PM


Thursday, November 09, 2006

cats on drugs


The cats unearthed a baggie of organic catnip while I was at the office. They apparently react very differently. Kohoutek is now experiencing life quietly from under a chair, and Rocket is scrambling around trying to run faster than the speed of light and successfully be present in all rooms at the same time. It’s as if two sides of a furry Hunter S. Thompson have moved in.


7:37 PM


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It’s usually the black one


I just received an alert from Cafe Press that I sold another t-shirt. And I’m thinking to myself, cool! Three shirts in three days! Then I actually read the email, and realized that this person bought FIVE t-shirts. I’m so excited! Thank you, patron!


Yes, I could have written about the election, but the media has said more than enough. I spoke with my vote.


8:04 AM


Monday, November 06, 2006

Another t-shirt brought into the world


I’m never going to get rich from my CafePress shop, but I am surprised at just how many people are walking around with one of my ’45’ t-shirts. S’kinda cool, yo.


Unrelated: Sui and Mike kindly left me with some peaches and their (ahem) berry sauce, but I had nothing to pour them over. So I baked myself a cake. Because that’s how I roll.


8:34 PM


Sunday, November 05, 2006

another unthemed post


I am, despite my best efforts, a morning person. I seem to have successfully trained myself to stay up later when desired, but it never results in a luxurious morning. I tried. The curtains are drawn, the alarm isn’t set, the only tasks that I must tend to today are tasks I’m not looking forward to, and should therefore be easy to avoid. The cats even, uncharacteristically, left me alone. But no, I’m out of bed at 8:30 because I had already been awake for half an hour and clearly wasn’t heading back to the Land of Nod.


Speaking of unpleasant tasks, how on earth did my house get this bad? I am but one person! Lucky for me, I’m not dirty so much as compulsively disorganized. There are piles of things everywhere! Yesterday, I managed to combine all of the piles into one pile which I’ll have to go through today. Two piles. Okay, three, but two of the three are pretty well organized piles and just need to be put away. This pile on the coffee table is the only one that scares me. And my bedroom, dear me. My bedroom hasn’t been this messy since high school. Again, I have combined all piles into one pile (entirely clothing), but that pile threatens mutiny.


Megan was surprised to discover that I was a metal-head back in the day. She was into alt-goth Robert Smith-y stuff. Well, so was I, to some extent. I favored hair bands, but I’ve always had an eclectic mix in my library. I was probably the only kid in high school to have a tape of Joni Mitchell with Motley Crue on the B side. Alphabetical, you see. I knew I was going to like Jane’s Addiction when they started getting airplay on both WSOU (metal) and WDRE (modern rock).


8:57 AM


Thursday, November 02, 2006

really, the last of the photos


(The following post lifted directly from; thanks Erin!)




My dearest friend Charleigh took LOADS of awesome pictures of our Halloween party!


Check them out!

Oh, and here are more pics from the Taxi party


7:45 AM

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