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Monday, April 23, 2007

There’s no “no” in Vegas!


Well, except for me not letting Whipped Cream Guy lick said whipped cream off of my toes… in part because I needed a pedicure, and in part because his girlfriend wife would have easily kicked my ass. He does get major bonus cool points for paying off the bartender to give him cups of whipped cream, though. And because he was a terrifically fun guy to be lounging next to at the Tiki Pool Party. So sorry that we didn’t get your name, Whipped Cream Guy. But you’ll be remembered with your new moniker, along with the infamous Cool Guy and the new-for-2007 Guitar Guy and Hot Guy.


A million thanks to Megan and Joe for convincing me to go with them to the 10th annual Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekender. It was so much fun that I’ve already booked my room for next year, with Erin as my intended co-conspirator. Another million thanks to Dave and Jessi for feeding and watering the kitties while I was away.


My rough cut of photos can be seen here, with the majority of images being car-related. That’s just the kind of girl I am. Megan and Joe have something like 5GB of images to slog through for their own site, but you can view their shots from 2006 2007 in the meantime. UPDATE: the top 5% of the 2007 shots are now at that link.


So, I am now the excited owner of three Stop Staring dresses, as well as an autographed Olivia/Bettie Page t-shirt. Plus this year’s VLV t-shirt. And I only managed to wear about half of what I packed. Though I won’t pack any less next year. Next year! Woo-hoo!


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don’t bother reading this.


I warned you. But as long as you’re here, I’ll try to make it a little interesting.


Anyone who knows me and pays attention to that sort of thing (which would, I think, be nobody) knows that I always do my taxes as soon as I get my W4. I’m just kind of a nerd that way.


This year, my employer handed out our W4s on or about January 2nd. I exaggerate, but it was incredibly early. Wells Fargo, on the other hand, took their time in getting me my mortgage interest statement. And in that period in between getting my W4 and my MIS, I started to think about the approximately three million reciepts I had to tally for my tiddleywink design expenses. And I grew proportionately lazy.


So I put off doing my taxes until the last. possible. moment. I bought the software, I gathered the majority of my paperwork, I set aside Saturday morning to finally get it all done… and Fate rewarded my procrastination by slamming me with a damn cold. AND a zit. AND my period. Fate’s a real bitch. Anyway, I was just too physically exhausted to run around gathering ALL of the receipts that I should have organized better in the first place (fine, fine, they’re all in one bag in the basement, but I was THAT sick-and-tired) so once I hit a randomly determined Good Enough Refund, I just stopped adding things up. Yes, yes, I probably could have itemized myself another few dollars out of the gummint, but look. I didn’t.


And then I filed electronically. In the past, the software developer has included a rebate form for the e-filing fee, but not this year. Ah, screw it, thinks I. It’s worth the $16.95 to not have to print everything out and run to the Post Office to buy stamps while worrying about hitting the filing deadline. Except that it’s $16.95 to file Federal, and ANOTHER $16.95 to file State. Fine, fine, I’m already in the dialog boxes, my head is aching, my eyes are watering, I just want this to be done. And I’ve e-filed before, so I don’t click on the little link for More Information so I can read the fine print.This morning, when my filing acceptance email came in, I was finally reading over the fine print to make sure I didn’t need to sign-and-mail anything. And there’s the mention of the $33.80 for filing fees… PLUS A $29.95 “SERVICE CHARGE” FOR THE STUPID BANK TO DEDUCT THE FEE FROM MY REFUND.


So yes, in retrospect, I should have delved into the basement to get the rest of my receipts. And I should have done my taxes earlier in the first place. I have learned my damn lesson. Now cut it out and let me feel better already. Cough, cough, sniff.


8:17 AM


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Vegas in more/less detail


I had plans to post a more narrative synopsis of my recent trip to Las Vegas, but time and priorities are getting in my way. Below is my original outline, which might raise as many questions as it answers.


VLV rundown

Thurs: stalk Guitar Guy on flight, check-in to hotel, dress, check out the lengthy line for wristbands, eat (buffet), wait in line for wristbands, meet up with Carol (my savior!), get wristbands, people watch. Bootfull o’ daquiri. Guitar Guy spotted, this time with racist friend. Damn. Shop! Two dresses from the Stop Staring “box”. Dinner at Arriva.

Friday: a touch of slot machines. Lunch buffet. Then to the Aladdin to meet Olivia (Carol back at the hotel). Much walking, dinner at Koji, too much sleeping.

Saturday: Car show! Lunch (Monterey Room)/shopping (VLV merch)/Stroll lessons, more Car Show! Dinner on our own… Carol and I at The Prime Rib Loft, then over to watch the burlesque competition. Met back up with M&J there.

Sunday: Carol gone early. Easter buffet brunch with M&J, then Tiki Pool Party for most of the day. Lots of daquiris. Food from the bowling alley (darn good burger), Charles Phoenix slide show, shopping (another Stop Staring dress), jive competition, sleep.


7:42 AM


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Off to Viva!


Hey, cats and kittens. We leave for Vegas at o’dark thirty in the morning, not to return until Monday. I have been forbidden to bring my trusty laptop, so please understand that I’m not ignoring you. I’m merely busy dressing up and drinking cheap beer and drooling over hot rods and rubbing my aching feet.


Have a great weekend!


7:20 PM


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

middle-of-the-day tahred


So at 3AM, I had all these blog notes in my head. And now I can’t remember a thing.


This has been the easiest press check evarr. Pretty much 24 solid hours, but now it’s all over. Like ripping off a Band-Aid as fast as possible. Very little versioning, and we took over four presses all at once to crank this out. Some of the foremen are starting to recognize me, and the small talk is getting friendlier. And I don’t know if perhaps I’m just getting apathetic (I don’t think that’s the case), but the color was just ON this time. Even that damn “mulberry” towel that always wants to go black.


Part of me wants very much to catch up on sleep, and part doesn’t want to throw my circadian rhythm even farther out of whack. I think I was driving to my third check of the day before I realized it was even Tuesday. And that’s with me changing outfits around midnight at an attempt to clue myself in. I am soooooo looking forward to sleeping tonight. Well, except for the Getting Up At 5AM So I Can Catch My Plane bit. Then straight to the office (because I am apparently insanely loyal to my damn job and want to make sure that any fires are put out) before I head out again on Thursday morning for Viva Las Vegas.


Viva! My clothing is all picked out, many thanks to Megan for helping with that. I still need to organize my suitcase and discuss ride arrangements since everybody’s flights seem to be shifting.


And then, I’ll do my taxes. I have never been so late with them before. I don’t know what it is this year. Maybe just feeling overwhelmed by a hefty combination of work/travel/travel-for-work. Meh.


Apropos of nothing: I finally broke down and bought a FoodSaver. Love. Lovelovelove. In order to maintain Kitchen Gadget Balance, I now have to pick something to eliminate. Eek. 😦 Maybe the potato ricer? I never use it, but I feel an obligation as a foodie to have one in my arsenal. What if I need to make spaetzle? I tried it with a colander once, and it wasn’t pleasant. Or perhaps I could cull whatever is still in its box in the cabinet over the stove. Seriously, I noticed a box up there the other day, under the garlic roasting dish. I think it might be my grater, in which case I’m keeping it. But was that even IN a box? Oh dear, I think I have issues. If I’m going to take down the cabinets over the breakfast bar, I really need to pare down. Alton would frown upon my collection. I might have to toss some items into Timerin’s upcoming garage sale. (Mandy applauds)


Geez, this is wandering all over. Must Not Nap.


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