home cooking isn’t dead

I’ve already posted the preliminary t-day menu, but here is the final roster for Neil’s info (and my own notes, so I don’t forget anything tomorrow!):

  • leek “purses” (store bought)
  • organic turkey (injected with wine, for extra juiciness) 
  • organic gravy (store bought)
  • stuffing (made by friend)
  • cranberry-apricot relish with cardamom
  • wild rice with cranberries (made by mom)
  • roasted herbed organic potatoes
  • mashed potatoes (made by friend)
  • pureed sweet potatoes with goat cheese and truffle oil
  • candied yams (made by friend)
  • green beans with toasted pine nuts
  • roasted organic pumpkin with lemon and rosemary
  • pecan pie (store bought)
  • pumpkin and caramel apple cheesecake slices (store bought)
  • Hawaiian fudge (store bought)
  • lots of booze (store bought) 😉

Yeah, okay, I just made myself hungry. Chinese takeout for dinner tonight! Safe travels, everyone.

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