Final Tally

Food items, planned-but-forgotten:

  • leek purses

Food items, skipped in sudden moment of sanity:

  • roasted pumpkin
  • wild rice with cranberries

Food items, unexpected additions:

  • fig-topped brie
  • bruschetta with fresh tomato/cilantro topping (and roasted garlic!)

Food items, noticeably missed:

  • milk or cream for coffee (doh!)


  • burn on forearm from roasting pan
  • broken martini glass
  • chipped Waechtersbach saucer
  • bonking of cat on head with plate (I don’t think he even noticed, but the bonk-er felt very bad about it)

Festive use of word “fuck”:

  • I dunno, I was drinking too much to keep track 😉

Good conversations and laughs with great people:

  • countless

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