New, Improved (?) Worst Holiday Gift, 2007

Faithful readers will remember my selection of the Deer Rider as the Worst Holiday Gift for 2007. But, oh, the gifts just keep on giving. While flipping through a sale circular, I was introduced to the Mangroomer.


According to the Mangroomer site, this product is “the essential do-it-yourself electric back shaver.” Essential, folks. It will also, according to their copy, “improve your life” in numerous ways, including sparking up your romance, giving you confidence, preventing embarrassment at the beach or pool parties, decreasing sweat and body odor, and emphasizing muscle definition. And yes, they actually suggest it as a gift.

Oh, my. Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $39.99 or at Amazon for $39.95.

2 Replies to “New, Improved (?) Worst Holiday Gift, 2007”

  1. So basically this thing turns you into a girl huh???
    Prevents embarrassment at the pool party??? How’s this thing keep you from getting drunk and swimming around the pool, talking to girls, with a booger hanging out of your nose?
    Screw it… I’m sticking with the pimped out, redneck, deer slayer truck…


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