Hello, good Citizens

Neilochka has posted his First Annual Blogger Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair, and it is an honor to be among (amongst?) so many talented artisans and writers! Really, boys and girls, I’m so pleased to see everybody’s work in one, easy-to-shop location. Etsy is great (heck, it’s where I sell my own wares), but it can be overwhelming.

We now return to our regular programming:

I switched over to flannel sheets last night, and it felt soooooo good. I should have done this a week ago. The only downside is that my new white flannel sheets make my “old” white duvet cover and shams look dingy. Perhaps it’s time to bring out the OxyClean.

We’re having a Sample Sale at the office today, so I must be sure to get to work on time so that I can actually get some work DONE before I join the chaos.


Boldog születésnapot, Tomi.  As always, I miss you.

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