Corral Boots “Vintage Lizard Overlay” 2007 (C2108)

Final installment of Pair A Day: Cowboy Boots.

This is the pair that finished out the Car Accident Boots budget. After visits to numerous boot shops (including two stops to Back At The Ranch, my most favorite of all boot stores) looking for The Perfect Black Boots, I finally found these. I overpaid at Western Warehouse; try your luck at National Roper Supply instead. Distressed charcoal grey goatskin with black Teju lizard inlay. An interesting floral pattern etched into the leather. Double-dip scallop, X toe. Killer. I wear these ALL THE TIME.

EDIT 12/22/08: This popular post is now a year old, and NRS is all out of Corral boots. Head to Sheplers for a healthy selection.

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