Shopping With Scott

My friend Scott needs new clothes. Diet, exercise, and pining for a distant girl have left him a few pounds lighter and leaner, and his current wardrobe just doesn’t fit as well any more. So today, we went to the mall.

Dedicated readers of my blog may recall that the last time I kept Scott company on a shopping trip, he bought a bookshelf and I bought a fekking sofa. With that in mind, I told myself that this time there would be NO PEEKING at the women’s wear.

Ladies, did you know that men’s pajama bottoms have pockets? I loves me some pockets! I gleefully (yes, pockets really bring me glee) pointed them out to Scott, who replied, “That’s because men wear more practical clothes.” Which I can’t argue with as a whole, but when, exactly, is a pocket practical while sleeping? Do you put your keys in there? Your wallet? Maybe your favorite Thurman Munson baseball card? I think not.

Final tally: Scott bought a grand total of two pairs of jeans and three very cool pearl-snap shirts (and nearly a cashier’s phone number) while I wound up with a thermal, two Ts, and a pair of pinup-girl-in-a-martini-glass pajama bottoms (with pockets); all from the men’s department.

5 Replies to “Shopping With Scott”

  1. That is so funny that you mention the pockets on men’s pajama bottoms. Somebody recently gave my husband and me matching Christmas p.j. bottoms (both men’s style) from Old Navy for a Christmas picture opportunity. The existence of pockets in men’s p.j.’s was a total epiphany for me. I use them for my hands because I am cold all the time…very practical.

    Men should never be permitted to shop for clothing alone. You performed a valuable service for your friend and should be commended for that.


  2. I love pockets on my PJ’s. That way I don’t have to hold everything in my hands all night. Can just put them in my pockets. Who knows, I just may need that pen in the middle of the night, just in case I need to write down a phone number or two. Or perhaps my wallet, for proof ID. (Yes, I’m a smartass)

    My intuition tells me that the reason why they don’t include pockets on women’s PJ’s is because they must have PJ-Purses.

    I need to convert to a PJ-Manbag.


  3. That girl was totally trying to seduce me… I barely got away with my life. */innocent look*

    For whatever it’s worth… I just happened to be wearing my pajamas with pockets while reading this post.

    Thanks for going with… I dig the shirts and that last pair of jeans you spotted may be on their way to becoming a favorite pair. 🙂


  4. Just goes to show that you can’t keep a good shopper down. The Men’s department shall not daunt you!

    As for pockets… it’s so they can scratch their *ahems* without actually putting their hands down their pants. You know, as a kindness to we womenfolk that might be around at the time… as if we don’t know what you’re up to.


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