Reader Service Announcement

In retrospect, the week of Neilochka’s Great Interview Experiment was probably not the best week for me to be posting a series about shoes, written specifically for a couple of friends (Carrie, Linda, I’m talking to you) rather than for my regular reader base. The timing of this mind-numbingly-dull series is also such that, while one of my recent posts was sent up to the show (at Reddit), I have probably squandered any new readership I may have otherwise gained from that huge spike in page views.

So, as an introduction to any Open Book readers who enjoyed Jennifer’s interview with me enough to click on my link… let me offer my apologies. There’s some interesting stuff here if you scroll past the shoes. And to my regular readers who have been checking in every day to see if I’m done with the damn shoes yet, click on the interview link to get a fix of my usual writing style.

For the other half of my role in the GIE, I sent a batch of questions to Sarah of Doodah and hope to post the results of our conversation first thing next week.

To the folks who are enjoying the shoe posts… do you want the remainder in one large post, or two mediumishy ones? Talk to me.

6 Replies to “Reader Service Announcement”

  1. But see? That’s what rocks — I love shoe posts AND ‘interesting stuff’ posts! And I love when they are just thrown in next to each other. (If you ever visit me, you’ll understand why…) Anyway, I enjoyed Jennifer’s interview with you so much that I had to come check you out, and I’m glad I did. (And I really, really love the cupcake shoes. I’m not kidding.)


  2. Awe, thanks. It’s true. I do appreciate it. Especially because I’m broke and let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than a broke shoe-whore. Soooo…I have been living vicariously through you and your shoes and pulling out some of my oldies but goodies too!

    And I also decided that you can NEVER have too many wedges!


  3. I’m not a shoe girl – probly ’cause I have akward-ugly feet that prefer Sketchers and Docs. Sigh. I love to see other peoples cool shoes tho. There’s plenty of yours that I’d never wear but they look great on you! I envision a lot of them going well with cute psychobilly outfits and victory rolls 🙂 I’ve never seen the shark fin heel before but I love it.


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