Shoes: Blue, Metallic, and Other

Just trying to wrap things up here, folks. If I take too long to post all of these, I’ll wind up with more shoes before I can even finish! The collections contained herein can be seen here, here, and here.

cimg2677.jpg Peep-toe wedges. Don’t you step on my blue (faux) suede shoes. What the heck did I get on the heel?

cimg2678.jpg Opposition ballet flats. Navy and white checkerboard.

cimg2680.jpg Periwinkle shark fin. A birthday present from (Jay &) Alison, who knows how much I love that heel.

cimg2681.jpg Polka-dot ankle tie. Very dark blue, and I finally found a dress the right color.

cimg2669.jpg Pewter strappy shoes. With big rhinestones. I haven’t worn them… yet.

cimg2671.jpg Silver peep toes. Lucite heels do not make them stripper shoes, Jack.

cimg2664.jpg Gold glitter peep toes. Oh, yeah. There’s no place like home.

cimg2665.jpg Beigey-gold pumps. I bought these in a hurry for Oscar night, 2007. Erin and I agreed, the woman in the store was a BITCH.

cimg2667.jpg Gold slides. Can you say Tiki Pool Party? I’m trying to find the perfect vintage gold lamé swimsuit to go with these. HAhahahahaha!

cimg2668.jpg Gold ankle ties. There is a lot going on here. Stained bamboo heels set with gold-tone upholstery studs, faux-lizard leathery bits, and gold satin ankle scarves. I snatched these up as soon as the store got them back in stock.

cimg2666.jpg Gold T-straps. This is precisely why I keep earning more Rewards Certificates from DSW. I would like to point out that I didn’t own a single pair of gold shoes before I met Erin.
cimg2676.jpg Olive green almost-wedges. I’m surprised by how neutral this color actually is. These go with a lot.

cimg2674.jpg Lucite wedges. White patent, to go with a blue-and-white floral halter dress.

cimg2673.jpg The infamous Yellow Stilettos. Nobody can ever see it, but they’re turquoise blue inside.

And we’re done! Whew!

3 Replies to “Shoes: Blue, Metallic, and Other”

  1. I am completely blown away by this collection, it total. In high school, I owned 11 pairs of Chucks in every available color. That’s as close as I will ever come to achieving shoe queendom as you have.

    And they are ALL FABULOUS. I haven’t seen one “yuck” pair in the bunch. I find that amazing!


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