Wow, so, like, in order for me to post 5 days a week, I need to have 5 interesting things to write about. Well, that may be an issue. Okay, what’s on my mind?


Jana is a freelancer at the The Company that I work for. Having freelanced for us for 10 years, she’s actually the second-longest-term “employee” in the division. The only person who has worked there longer is the VP. I come in next in line. Not only have Jana and I shared years of work experiences, but we’ve also been in adjoining seats the whole time. In fact, in our newest office space, Jana and I share a cubicle. And a phone. Yeah, we’re tight. 😉

Jana likes animals, particularly cats. She likes to play tennis and Centipede (I only found this bit out when we went to Lyons Classic Pinball together this past weekend). She likes fine wines, good beer, and Starbucks iced green tea with soy milk and no melon syrup. And she likes wedding cake. Not any kind of cake, white wedding cake. WHITE cake. Not yellow, white.
A couple of years ago, Jana and her partner bought a condo near the beach in Newport, OR and they’ve recently decided to chuck the whole long-distance-landlords thing and go move there themselves. Tomorrow is Jana’s last day in the office.

I’m baking her a WHITE cake tonight. I hope it comes out half as good as Jana.

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