the minimum amount of flair

Posting for the sake of posting because I promised I would post.

1. The white cake did not turn out. I blame the altitude, which I tried my best to adjust for, but this is a new recipe for me and I should have known better than to trust chemistry to work out right the first time. Also, my baking soda might have lost its fizz. I didn’t even bother frosting the sad little cake layers this morning. I wonder if they’ll compost?

2. Jana slipped out of the office during a medium-scale power outage today, with no fanfare whatsoever. The little sneak. She has to come back to the office at least one more time to tie up some loose ends on this last project of hers, so I’ll get a proper good-bye in somehow.

3. I participated in my first caucus this evening. It was fairly chaotic, and our precinct secretary explained that their last caucus drew seven voters… they expected more this time, of course, and figured on about 45 people. I think we doubled that. Seven different precincts in my district were supposed to be meeting in the middle school’s cafeteria, but they ran out of space and had to shift some precincts to other rooms. And somebody (with permission) had to “break” into the school’s office to make more copies of the straw polls and sign-in/voting sheets. I brought one neighbor with me, and recognized one at another table, and saw another on the sign-in sheet. Howdy, neighbors!

The crowd in one quarter of the cafeteria. More, unseen chaos surrounds us.

One Reply to “the minimum amount of flair”

  1. The turnouts are just amazing, all over the country. I wish I didn’t have to wait until May! 😦

    Sorry about the white cake. It sounds so sad, all unfrosted and everything.


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