I Am More Than A Terrific Backside

(That was for Shawn, who I hope is now satisfied. The rest of this post has nothing little to do with my delightful ass.)

For a change, I don’t have much to say tonight. I would, however, like to write an addendum to yesterday’s post. One which I actually wrote yesterday, in fact, but lost due to some network timeout issues and didn’t realize before I hit the Publish button: I am not eating an entire Key lime pie every week. I bake the pie, I eat a slice for scientific chemistry/bake-istry purposes, and then I give the rest of the pie to Scott. Scott actually goes to the gym, and can afford the calories. I do NOT go to the gym, and need to keep tabs on my apparently world-famous derrière.

The End. 😉

5 Replies to “I Am More Than A Terrific Backside”

  1. Bullshit. I’m her neighbor and I can attest to the fact that she has a terrific backside. Seriously, I frequently catch her shooting videos of her own backside for sharing on social network and questionably-social networks, as well as archival reasons so she can review them on-demand with, say, her mobile phone.

    Also: Yes, you owe me plenty of dinners. I think you also owe me money for (recently not-so-reliable wireless) internet service, which could agreeably be translated into even more dinners.


  2. I completely agree… I feel a new photo series coming on.

    Tiddleywink Backside (& Frontside) Extravagaaazaaaaaa!

    Also, it occurred to me that if we spent the same amount of effort practicing our vintage hairstyles as you do perfecting your pie, then we’d REALLY be set for VLV. I’m going to start attempting this whole pin-curl thing.


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