momentary lapse of blogging

Please excuse my absence yesterday. In addition to having plans that kept me out later than I’d anticipated, I also had nothing to write about.

Not much has changed. 🙂

Timber has jumped on the pie bandwagon, and thinks he may have found an appropriate vendor of elusive Diner Pie. We shall be exploring the potential selection of pie on Sunday and I’ll report back. Straight off the bat, this place is too far away. No matter what, I don’t see Timber that often, and it should be a nice time. I will be in heaven if I can find a place serving gravy fries AND pie. Just thinking about it, I can feel the pounds that I’ve been trying to lose creeping back up.

Today I received in the mail a vintage, black-velvet “wiggle” dress that I just won on eBay. It is a perfect fit. Terrific seller, too. Now I have TWO potential outfits for Megan and Joe’s second annual Tainted Love party. And far too many outfits for VLV. What’s a girl to do? 😀

Erin was in a little fender-bender, Mandy’s niece had her appendix out and her cat has been diagnosed with a chronic thyroid condition, and Dexter, my dad’s dog, broke one of his teeth and the only dog dentist in a 3-state area is on vacation. It’s been a rough week for some of my favorite people, and my thoughts are with you. I’m very glad that all situations are stable.

5 Replies to “momentary lapse of blogging”

  1. What’s a girl to do? Share! Share! Remember, the more outfits I borrow from youse guys, the better chance I have of making it to VLV. *wink*

    Hugs to e (and her car) and everyone who’s had a rough week. I feel your pain… not literally of course.


  2. Pardon my stupidity, but what is Diner Pie?

    My grandparents owned a diner for over fifty years and I am the lucky inheritress of many of the establishment’s best recipes. Including one self-invented (by my grandpa) and best-selling peanut butter ice box pie. If you’d like the recipe, just whistle.

    You *do* know how to whistle, don’t you?


    P.S. I’m glad all your peoples are in stable condition and am sending good vibes in their various general directions.


  3. Jennifer: My apologies, I should have linked back to my original Pie post. Diner Pie is my name for the kind of delicious, cream-filled and/or -topped pie that one can only find at a proper diner. It is made with more love and care than something you’d find at a Village Inn or Perkins, but not so much love and care that it’s actually remotely healthy. It should be bad for you, but make you feel good.


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