an end to all the violence

Yeah, so, um, this week’s theme fell together by accident, and I kinda don’t have any other violent things to talk about. I still really, really like that gun, and I still can’t find my switchblade, and… that’s about it. Jimmy forgets that I CAN’T TALK ABOUT ninja camp or they take away my license to ninj. So except for my occasional emotionally violent outbursts, I’m pretty much tapped out. I punched my friend Chris once, when I just couldn’t take any more of his bigoted, homophobic, chauvinist crap. There was a time during my angsty teen years when frustration would get the better of me, and I did manage to take a few chunks out of my plaster walls (plaster, not sheetrock) and I once broke a window in a brief rage… but no WEAPONS. Watch out, though… I have a set of Henckels kitchen knives, and I know how to use them!

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