new skirt

Okay, I swear, I still have plans to sew Butterick Retro ’52 B4790 before Spring settles in. BUT FIRST… I finally found the black, stretchy twill-like fabric that I’ve been looking for to make into one of the knee-length skirt options of Simplicity 5259. Now, while this might be easy-peasy for some of you sewers and seamstresses* out there, it’s still a bit of an endeavor for me. I only have two completed skirts under my belt, uh, no pun intended, and this will be the first one that I don’t plan to shortcut, and will actually use the interfacing on.

Once I’m done with the skirt, wouldn’t those capris look sweet in a red-and-white gingham, with patch pockets?

*I was going to make a joke about seamsters, but it turns out to be an actual, though archaic, word for a tailor.

3 Replies to “new skirt”

  1. I made that butterick one well I should say that I tried to make it. It was my first attempt at sewing a complete garment. I had to hide it from myself so I wouldn’t feel the guilt of doing such an incredibly poor job. It was of course my fault and not the patterns. It all started with dollar bin fabric, I can’t say for sure that that is where it all went wrong but it is easier to blame the poor defenseless fabric that to take responsibility myself. I will make it over again, I might have to buy the pattern again just so I don’t inherit the obvious gremlins that came inside the last pattern. Good luck, I hope your turns out way better than mine.


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