self-serving post

I’m tired. I spent too much time at the fabric store tonight, looking for the perfect leopard print swatch with which to finish up my skirt (never found an acceptable version; went with a Japanese floral instead), and also trying to find something to match a vintage suit I’ve had for years and never wear, because I don’t have the right blouse to wear beneath. Last night, lying in bed, I had a vision of a gathered halter top in a crêpe-backed satin, styled very much like Grace Kelly wears in Rear Window but with, ahem, a little less coverage:


My god, that woman was gorgeous.

But I’m too tired to write about all that, so instead I’ll suggest that all y’all do a little shopping at my etsy storefront, where I’ve recently posted a whole slew of fun, stretchy bracelets made from real dice that I drilled myself. 160 of them. Not that I was keeping count or anything. 160 dice, one at a time. 160. That’s a lot of Yahtzee.

2 Replies to “self-serving post”

  1. Sounds like you need to take a trip to Denver Fabrics. It’s a trek from your place but they have SO much more than Joann’s.

    P.S. I love that movie!


  2. Oh hey, if you’re heading to DF let’s road trip! 🙂

    And I think I’ll be reaping the rewards of all your hard work and buy a bracelet offa ya. Now I just need to figure out which color combo I need most…


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