FAIL: I have done nothing more than think about and look at the fabric draped over my dress form, waiting patiently to be made into a top. I have not yet returned my latest ill-fitting mail-order purchases. I have not called my grandmother to say “hi,” nor have I thanked my sister for the box that appeared on my doorstep the other day PACKED FULL of Stone Pony gear*. I have not called Allstate to adjust my car insurance (why am I paying nearly $1,000 a year to insure a $3,500 car?). I have not fully worked out my next tattoo, which I need to get pretty durn immediately if it’s going to heal in time for Viva.

PASS: I filled out my annual Self Assessment for work. I returned the last two pairs of COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY shoes I bought. I made an appointment to have a PROFESSIONAL hairstylist work on my mop. It’s been years since someone with a license has colored my hair. I left the office early enough on Wednesday to enjoy the extra daylight. I’ve started to post a few of my favorite vintage garments on eBay, and while I hate to say goodbye to any of them, they all deserve to go to people who fit well inside of them, and can show them off. I’ll keep posting stuff until I run out of stuff to post. Anyone who has seen my flickr closet knows that could be a long way off. I decided, finally, to cull the pretty pink party dress from my planned Viva wardrobe, which means I can stop stressing about finding shoes to match it, or getting it altered in time. Maybe this year’s birthday party theme will be Pretty Pink Party Dresses. Apologies in advance to Erin, who doesn’t get along with pink. I’m sure she’ll manage. Jana sent me a photo of her beach chair, and her beer, on the sand at her new home in Oregon… and I printed it out and put it on my wall and will refrain from throttling her out of pure, blind jealousy when I see her on Saturday. And… um… well, I’m sure I accomplished something else. And hey, I still have today, Friday, and Saturday to hit the first half of this post!

“I think Spring is very eager to kick Winter off her couch, he’s been drinking all her beer and eating all her cereal, and it’s time he moved on with his life. Elsewhere.”Dooce

*No. Sorry, pal. Even without it, you’re cooler than Otter Pops in February.

2 Replies to “Pass/Fail”

  1. I’ve been letting stuff slide lately too. Got motivated yesterday and today, started cleaning my apartment. It’s about ready to invite others over, though. It feels good to finish something I’ve been putting off for no reason other than lack of motivation.

    I could go for a drink to celebrate, but will save that for when I hang out with someone… Though I do have that one lonely bottle of stella.


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