This is where I rant about how much Comcast SUCKS and how spotty, sporadic, and sloooooowwwww my cable modem connection is. And how, when I complain to Comcast about it, they tell me that the problem can’t possibly be them. Even though all my neighbors have the same issues. Nope, it must be that all of us, with all of our different setups, the only common denominator being Comcast, yeah, ALL OF US have the SAME glitch in our network setups.


And so that ends this post, because it may take an hour for it to upload!

8 Replies to “Comcrapstic”

  1. Here’s the key. Cable modem is a shared connection, and they oversubscribed the neighborhood you live in. That means the more people in your neighborhood using it, the slower it gets; Too many people use it, it becomes useless.

    Thing is, when you call tech support it’s during the day. When they send a tech, it’s also during the day. No problems then, because not many people are home.

    DSL is slower than the maximum cable speed, but so much more reliable and doesn’t slow down even if everyone in your neighborhood is on at the same time. It’s not shared.

    Also most DSL providers don’t filter stuff like bittorrent or other P2P software. You’ll notice a HUGE boost in speed if you use it.

    Anyway, back to my insomnia. Thanks for keeping me occupied for a moment.


  2. Sinister – They never even bothered to send a tech. Just pinged me from their offices (while the connection was barely-functional) and said “No problem here.” Neighbor was testing the network at 4:30am; still down. I don’t think oversubscribing is the issue.
    Did you ever READ their mailers? I’m still waiting to get one that’s grammatically accurate. They’re just a bunch of Bozos. Hey, there’s my next T-shirt:

    “Nice syntax, Bitch!”


  3. Comcrap – spreading their dysfunction across the nation! Luckily, my frustration and displeasure with them is infrequent. . . for now.


  4. I am sorry to learn about the connection problems you are experiencing. On behalf of Comcast, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    I will be happy to reach out to my executive contacts to resolve this issue for you. If it is okay with you, will you please contact me so that I could get more information from you?

    Thank you in advance for giving us the opportunity to assist!


    Mark C.
    Comcast Executive Offices
    215 286 1700


  5. I’ll second the notes about DSL. If you are lucky to be close to the central office and the lines are you good you can get better than cable speeds. My line get’s 7 megebites ps on a good day and about 5.5 on average. Of course I happen to be 2 blocks from the switch.

    Very creepy post….



  6. OK, listen, read this!

    Mr. Comcast also showed up in our blog, and I was immediately taken care of. I was in hell with Verizon DSL, in true hell. Four months of bullshit.

    So what became of your issues? Oh please dear God tell me that everything ended up working out for you! I can’t take any more dropped connections. I work primarily from home and it is brutal.


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