Marge’s Meme Monday (Make-Up)

Ugh, could that last post have sounded any more whiney? Yes, I am very bummed that half of my circle of friends are moving far, far away. I am simultaneously sad and jealous. Someone get me a straw!

To make it up, I’m likely to be late for work for doing this, but here’s an abbreviated response to Marge’s current Meme Challenge:
TOPIC: Product Testimonials – In each of the following places, what is your most-beloved item or product? Why should I have one too?
Laundry Room
Garage / Yard

Kitchen: I love my kitchen. I adore all of my appliances, both ubiquitous and bizarre. If I have to narrow it down to one, I’ll choose my KitchenAid Ultra Power stand mixer. I don’t have any attachments for it, but just knowing that I could grind meat and stuff sausage with my mixer only adds to its charms. Which include POWER. Straight up, mixing power. To add to this mixer’s importance in my life, though, is the fact that it was a very generous gift from the personal kitchen collection of a friend of mine who is a famously good cook. (And yet another friend who moved to California, the bum.) Every time I look at Root’s Mixer, I’m reminded of a time in my life that was full of food and friends and a lot of wine. (I’m currently in the clothing-and-friends-and-whiskey stage of my life.)

Bathroom: This is much less romantic, but no bathroom of mine will ever be complete without a Zip-It drain clog remover. I bought my condo from a woman with pets, lots of pets, and she apparently washed them in the tub. I tried two different snakes and an assortment of biodegradeable and evil chemicals on that slow drain until I got a Zip-It doohickey, and have never had to deal with standing water again. (insert choir of angels) Handy hint: the package says to dispose of the Zip-It strip when done. Why? Clean it off, and save it for next time.

Bedroom: Um… all the usual stuff here. Nothing outstanding. (chuckles… ain’t THAT the truth!)

Laundry Room: I spend as little time in it as possible. It’s dark and cobwebby and cold, and I’d like it to be bright and shiny and clean. Like my laundry! Um, I use “eco” detergent and fabric softener. Save the Earth, yo.

Car: Standard transmission, Baby. Keep them automatics away from me. When I drive, I’m driving. I don’t need no stinkin’ car telling me what to do. Well, except for the special little dashboard light that my car illuminates when I’m due for an oil change. That’s handy. And something I should have taken care of this weekend.

Desk/Office: HAhahaha! My desk is in a state of chaos! I’d recommend a maid. 🙂

Garage/Yard: I couldn’t live without my grill, but I might take a step towards a composter here. I don’t have much of a garden, but a composter doesn’t make THAT much dirt anyway. Mine is the pyramid model from Gardener’s Supply Company. I put in kitchen scraps and leaves from the yard, and I get enough dirt to amend my little flower bed in the springtime. Yay, nature!

4 Replies to “Marge’s Meme Monday (Make-Up)”

  1. I have serious mixer envy.

    So let me get this straight, you’re writing a review of a vibrator but you either don’t have one or it’s not cool enough to mention?

    I’ll have to investigate the zip-it tool since Homer’s sink is currently clogged and the idea of taking apart the trap and cleaning it out is not very appealing.


  2. Marge: I suspect that few people don’t have mixer envy here.

    Now the Zip-It has my attention. That could be seriously handy since my building has been pet friendly for years, and my drain is SLOW. Thanks. 🙂

    Tiddleywink: Didn’t know you were into whiskey. I usually bring some with me to Midnight Madness. Would have shared at Serenity. (Had my favorite 15 yr single-malt scotch too, very smooth )


  3. Marge – What makes you think I keep it in the bedroom? 😉 No, the truth is that I thought about it, but one particularly close friend reads my blog and doesn’t want to have that mental image. Because of course, I wouldn’t mention it without linking, and then she’d have a visual… it’s just too much for her delicate sensibilities. She is, in most other respects, a very tough cookie. Just doesn’t wanna know anything about her friends’ “yippee bogs.” (Still don’t know how I feel about that one, Nick!)


  4. Well you definitely wouldn’t like “ham wallet” then… guess its squish mitten from here on out…


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