Practically Perfect Pie

I picked up the pie pans again, at Scott’s request, and dove back into perfecting my Key lime pie recipe. He officially rated this most recent attempt as an 8. I would have hoped for higher, but he softened the blow by telling me that he hasn’t actually experienced an 8 before. He also threatened me by telling me that it would take a “big leap” to get to a 9. Um, I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works! I thought the consistency of the filling was just right. Firm enough to keep its shape, while being neither sticky nor cakey. The meringue was nicely browned, crispy on the tips, fluffy elsewhere… I am having trouble cutting into the pie without squishing the meringue. That’s something I’ll need to work on for future versions. I’m thinking higher temp for shorter time. As far as taste goes… it was tart enough to induce a slightly fizzy mouthfeel, and the tartness built with each bite. But… I think I can go further. I need to reach 9, if not 10!


Easter baskets, as an adult: My mom still brings me treats, but they are no longer in basket form. On Sunday, my mom brought over two small boxes each of Peeps and Bunnies, a plastic egg full of M&Ms, and a bunch of fresh asparagus.

I’m stoked about the asparagus.

We watched La Vie En Rose, which I knew was going to be good, but this film BLEW ME AWAY. Marion Cotillard’s performance is fucking amazing. It easily deserved the two Oscars® it won.

4 Replies to “Practically Perfect Pie”

  1. Not to put a damper on the performance (which I have not seen) but I heard on MPR that Marion Cotillard allegedly made some pretty ignorant and perhaps downright stupid remarks in an interview. Um, if memory serves, she seems to doubt that men have WALKED ON THE MOON. Allegedly.


  2. Going from a 1 to a 2 is easy. A 2 to a 3 is a tad harder, but not much. A 5 to a is 6 is considerably more difficult. Going from 7 to 8 is amazing.

    Upon taking your first bite of a 9, the world around you slows down to a crawl. Light becomes euphoric and colors have more saturation than you thought humanly possible. You might find that you’re drooling on yourself a little bit, but you’re in such a happy place that it is most definitely “ok” to be covered in your own saliva.

    I’m not allowed to discuss what 10 is like… They’ll come for me.


  3. OOOh, I want to watch La Vie En Rose, but every time I bring it up, Tim sort of glazes over. 🙂 That’s excellent news about the pie. I wish I had some. I ate CHEESECAKE last night. Oh the guilt! Oh the shame!


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