Thanks, Mandy!

On Wednesday, I wore a pretty, vintage, carnation-pink dress to work. When I got home from the office, I realized that at some point during the day I had managed to get a quarter-sized smear of blood on the skirt.


Lucky for me, I was in the middle of a chat with Mandy when I saw it, and her cool head and freakish familiarity with stain removal was exactly what I needed. She instructed me to soak the stain with cold, carbonated water (which I had on hand! yay, seltzer!) and to BLOT like crazy. Admission here: I did not blot. I scrubbed with a nylon-bristled brush, but I did scrub towards the center of the stain, rather than spreading it outward. I scrubbed until I could scrub no longer. I could still see a faint ghost of the stain, but there was no more that I could do. I set the dress aside to dry.

On Thursday night, I checked the dress. Even knowing where the stain was, I had to look hard to find it. It’s not completely gone, but it sure is in better shape than it was earlier! I may still try some kind of commercial stain-removing product, but even if it never gets better than this, Mandy deserves some sort of merit badge.


5 Replies to “Thanks, Mandy!”

  1. Blood on your dress? Sounds like the beginning of a CSI Episode… Then what happened??? Was it in the ballroom with the revolver? Was it in the conservatory with a lead pipe? Was it Colonel Mustard?


  2. When you’ve stemmed the flow of your niece’s bloody nose with your favorite t-shirt, you know how to get blood out. 😐


  3. You know what else works? Saliva. It has enzymes that break up the protein compounds in blood AND it comes out COMPLETELY! So when you don’t have club soda, just spit on it.


  4. Or if your salivatory glands are not up to the task, hydrogen peroxide works on blood… but really only on blood. It breaks down the protein.

    FYI, HP is bad for cuts… it actually promotes scarring.


  5. Wow. I knew about the saliva enzymes but had no idea the carbonated water would work! And the H2O2 sounds brilliant. Since that is what I have on hand, I will definitely be going for it next time I need to peroxide my latest klutz induced wound/stain.


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