bad influence

The Girls “encouraged” me today to buy a black, sequined, spaghetti-strap, backless, floor-length gown. $99.99 online (, Masquerade 399517), I bought it at Ross for $24.99. Oh yeah, because that’s how I roll.

I would show a photo here, but WordPress “updated” their system, and now I can’t figure out how to add images to my post.

4 Replies to “bad influence”

  1. To include images…

    In the “Write Post” page above the text box titled “Post”. On the right hand side you will see “Add media:” followed by 4 icons. You can mouse over them to figure out which is which, and click to add the media of your choice. Same input dialogs as before, but they hid them to make the page less complex looking. (how nice, right?)

    Hope that helps.

    Oh yeah, and I remembered to login this time before commenting. Got in trouble with my last comment because I failed to notice I wasn’t logged in and the name was cached from a comment that the friend had major input on.


  2. Yeah, I was smart enough to find the new Add Media option, it just doesn’t work. Oh, and the input dialog there is completely different than it used to be. Now it’s more like the media dialog in Blogger, which I hate.


  3. Wow, you’re right. The new imagine handling is a pain in a real article. I tried attaching one to one of my posts that I’m working on and it didn’t come out nearly like I had intended. Seemed easy enough in testing.


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