Nom de Vivre

Here on this side of the screen, I go by Tiddleywink (or AmpersandRanch), but in RL, my name, and accompanying business email address, begins with a G. It’s also pronounced like a G, not a J, although that shouldn’t have any bearing on the rest of this tale…

A particular project at work involved my sending electronic files, via email, to a manager who then forwarded them to her print vendor. Easy-peasy; done before I left town. While I was out of the office, the vendor sent me a direct message, to my correct email address, but WITHIN the email, spelled my name with a J. Twice. The manager, who had been CC’d, replied and politely corrected the vendor’s error… which the vendor persisted in making in the continuing email dialogue.

Now, I’m accustomed to people misHEARing my name, but this is a whole new experience. A person who has only ever SEEN my name, neatly typed, is still misspelling it?

I have a very low tolerance for “dense.”

5 Replies to “Nom de Vivre”

  1. People are weird, no careless. Every now and then a client will start addressing emails to me but using my last name (a man’s name) like it’s my first name.


  2. People always misspell my name since there are like a thousand ways to spell it but my most favorite is ‘Carry’. The one option that, well…isn’t.


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