Vaya sin Dios

Go without God (addressing the plural). Watch how I start with dinner, and manage to come back around to this:

I enjoyed a lovely (and stuffing) Indian meal with some blogger gals. Ladies, if you will. We talked about lots of things. Husbands (theirs), kids (theirs), jobs, careers, ex-boyfriends, pickles’ association with disco,* blogging, stalkers, Henry Rollins… At one point during the evening, one chum said, about me, “She doesn’t like Christians.”


She was joking, of course, but it did give me pause as I drove home… I’m an atheist. It’s my own choice, within my own set of beliefs. But are there really people out there who think I want to recruit them? Like some sort of deranged missionary? “Euw, you believe in God? How gross. C’mon, believe in yourself, it’s what all the cool kids do. Don’t you want to be cool?”

But, because I am who I am, the part of this internal dialogue (monologue?) that really intrigued me is the etymology of “atheist.” Greek. A=without, theos=god. That part is totally clear. The part that puzzles me is the phrasing. I am an atheist. Not “I am atheist.” I am without god. I am an without god. I mean, euw, gross, what horrible syntax. But, atheist is a noun. Also, atheism is a noun. Atheistic is the associative adjective, and I think it’s clunky. -ist is a suffix that usually forms a noun, but can form an adjective. Sexist is, unfortunately, the only example that I can think of at this precise moment. Or rather, it’s the only example that the OAD can give me right now, because I am too tired to think of even one.

And whether you’re Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu, or Buddhist, or Jewish, or Wiccan… I don’t really care what theistic or non-theistic beliefs you hold dear.** Your beliefs are precious to you, and you can keep them. Just as I’ll keep mine right here in this pocket, and oh, look, a dollar! Bonus!


So anyway. I joined Brightkite and thirty-something bloggers. Because yeah, I have time for more social networking. HOW do you ladies do it?


*If anybody can explain this, please do.

**Except maybe for those people who believe that certain celebrities (and many non-celebs) are actually lizards. Yeah, I do have a bit of a problem with that. If you’re one of those people, and you read my blog, you may now boycott me. I understand.

6 Replies to “Vaya sin Dios”

  1. If they served cake, I bet you’d love the Christians. Who wants little cracker wafers and grape juice? Pfft.

    Speaking of cake, for the price we paid for dinner, I’m thinking we didn’t get our just desserts.


  2. CAKE! I heart cake.

    Cake or death?
    Uhhh… cake, please.
    Well, we’re out of cake. We only had the three bits, and we didn’t expect such a rush. So what do you want?
    What, so my choice is “or death?” I’ll have the chicken then, please.


  3. What if my choice is Chicken or Death?

    I choose Morningstar Farms Chicken “style” Nuggets.

    I actually don’t care what other people believe in, but when it starts to encroach on MY life, then it makes me want to kick some people’s asses.

    That being said, it takes all my strength not to evangelize about meat eating. So I can identify with the evangelical nature of certain religions. But, a lot of that crap is based on well…crap. My feelings about meat are based on the fact that slaughterhouses ACTUALLY exist. So, I don’t really know where the difference lies.


  4. Oh, I had so much fun eating “not-cake” together last night. And the cost was outrageous. From now on only eat Indian at the lunch buffet. That way we pay $9 and get to eat as much of whatever we want.

    Also, we didn’t hear nearly enough about you last night. So next meet-up we shall place you center stage and bombard you with personal questions of the non-religious preference variety.

    And I was going to say something about your bangs… Thank goodness you trimmed them (just kidding!)!


  5. Elitist. Not you, just another noun/adjective example.

    What’s opposite of atheist? Belief in all Gods? That’s what I am. That pretty much explains why I love both chicken and morning star chicken nuggets equally 🙂


  6. I don’t believe in superstars, organic foods and foreign cars…

    Actually I believe firmly in foreign cars.
    And cake.
    And Pooh Bear.


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