Another New Start

I have registered a new domain. I expect it will take me about ten months to get around to doing anything about it… like, say, redirecting this blog there. Tiddleywink is really my business name, and it gets confusing on my end to be running a personal blog under that moniker. Not that I’m doing much of anything else over at, but I still don’t want to share the space. Besides, the new name (should I ever get around to using it) will be easier to spell.

Off topic: My topical brush with fame. You may have heard of Iron Man, current smash blockbuster hit. And you may already be familiar with Terrence Howard, the actor who plays Jim Rhodes in that film. Well, Mr. Howard spent some time as an engineering student at Pratt during my stint there, and while I have no recollection of him, my (fantastically talented) friend Jason assures me that we all ran in the same social circle. I don’t recall hanging with any of the engineering students, but I trust Jason. Sorry that I don’t remember you, Terrence. Congrats on your successful acting career.

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