Sometimes shoes, sometimes pie…

It’s been a while since I’ve written about pie. Even longer since I wrote about shoes. And yet… my default answer when people ask me, “Oh, you blog? What do you blog about?” is “Nothing, really. Shoes and pie.”

Welcome to Kick off your, um, shoes, and have a look around. Oh, that’s right, you’ve been here before. Same house, new address.

The June header is my new ink. The color in the photo is more like what I hope it settles down to, but the blue has turned overly teal at the moment. The colors are supposed to be persimmon (reddish-orange) and periwinkle (kind of a lilac-y color). I hope the color shift is from the scabbing. Yeah, I said “scabbing.” Get over it. Yes, it hurt. Right now, it’s at the OHMYGODTHEITCHINGITISDRIVINGMECRAZY stage. I want to take a scrub brush to it. No, I’m not an idiot, I won’t do that. But I would like to.

And now, on to our regularly scheduled random stream of thoughts, which may or may not include shoes and/or pie:

Sunday was the first day that my neck didn’t shoot me oh-so-brief spasms of pain when I moved in some specific way. This is a good sign. I would very much like to bowl with my team on Wednesday. My goal is to get my average up to 150 by the end of the season.

The new iPhone will be announced on June 9th. My contract with the sucktacular Sprint will be up on September 12. DO YOU HEAR ME, SPRINT? I AM COUNTING THE DAYS. Note to AT&T: Please don’t screw me. Because, while I could unlock my future iPhone so that I can use it with the lovely T-Mobile (insert choir of angels here), I am instead choosing to do things the above-board way. PLEASE DO NOT BITE ME IN THE ASS FOR THIS.

I did very well at an impromptu thrift store run this weekend. Two very cute, black dresses for a TOTAL of $9. These add nicely to the thrift-store-find dress I picked up last weekend. All will eventually be added to my flickr Dresses set (enjoy it while you can; I’m about to bring a selection of those dresses to my local Plato’s Closet for resale). I also picked up a handful of vintage vinyl. One of the albums, Hot Honky-Tonk Piano, didn’t have a track list on the back. When I brought it home, my friend Jessi suggested looking at the album itself to see what was on it. What do you think the very first track is? Red Wing.

Just for the hell of it, part I, SHOES: I have a pair of red shoes that I bought online months ago, but they were a little too small. I hadn’t gotten around to putting them on eBay, but they were the perfect shade of red for an outfit I was trying out on Friday. So I took them out of the box, unwrapped them, unstuffed them… and they fit. My feet are mysteriously shrinking. I wore them out with the girls to see Sex And The City, and they will soon be added to the Shoes: Red set on flickr. Meanwhile, I have a pair of pink shoes currently shown in Shoes: Other that I really do intend to sell. And two more pink pairs to resell/return that never even got photographed. Ugh, and two pairs that Nova gave me that haven’t made the sets yet. Realization: I am behind in my flickr set updating.

Just for the hell of it, part II, PIE: I was supposed to make a pie for Scott this weekend. I made sure I had all of the ingredients, and then didn’t make the pie. Sorry, Scott. Due to the 4-hour ideal chilling time, it will have to wait until next weekend. I’ll bring it to the neighbors’ not-a-party party. Come an’ git it.

5 Replies to “Sometimes shoes, sometimes pie…”

  1. Congrats on launching the new URL.
    LOVE the tat! It’s better than I imagined. I like the subtle asymmetry. Now to find a cute dress or top that sports it just right when you go to the car shows.


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