In response to Greeblemonkey‘s query about her readers’ nearly-forgotten but beloved songs, I’ve found and embedded a selection of my personal favorites, listed here in chronological order:

Barnes & Barnes, Fish Heads (full 4:42 version! 1978)

Lene Lovich, Lucky Number (1979):

M, Pop Muzik (Not obscure to me, but younger friends have NO idea what I’m talking about sometimes. 1979):

Madness, One Step Beyond (I didn’t think it was obscure, but people always think I’m doing Buzz Lightyear’s “To infinity and beyond” when I quote this song. 1979):

Adam & The Ants, Kings of the Wild Frontier (BIGGEST CRUSH EVARRRRR, omigod lookit those sideburns, hubba hubba. 1980):

The Polecats, Make A Circuit With Me (1981):

Bow-Wow-Wow, Chihuahua (1981):

Utopia, Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (1982):

Blotto, I Wanna Be A Lifeguard (1982):

Peter Schilling, Major Tom (1983):

Okay, which of your favorites did I forget?

4 Replies to “’80s-palooza”

  1. Um….
    Joe “Rocking your F*cking Socks Off” Esposito ring a bell??? You’re the Best Around???
    I know you have the link… you’re a sally if you don’t post it!

    Dude… seriously, how many times must we go over this???

    “There is no pain in this Dojo!”
    Cobra Kai Sensei 1984


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