Duck season! Rabbit season!

Prairie dog season!

No, I’m not encouraging anyone to hunt prairie dogs. However, this is the time of year when the new crop of pups are old enough to leave the den, but not quite experienced enough to be familiar with the dangers of traffic.

“The” US36 has a lot of tiny speed bumps right now. This, and every June.

In happier news, here’s a photo of a ridiculously cute bunny that was sleeping by the front door of the office this morning:

And here he is awake:

4 Replies to “Duck season! Rabbit season!”

  1. Let’th try thith again…

    That bunnyih is like the one we used to have. With bits of orange, innit. Cutie!

    I wish bunnyihs slept by MY front door.
    (I don’t have a front door, but… bunnyih…)


  2. Hey, looks just like the broken one my dog brought me the other day. Man’s best friend has little concept of the value of “rediculously cute.” It’s hard to tell her “good girl” but I have to because in her world she’s really accomplished something.


  3. Oh, how I love the prairie dogs. I call them marmots because I prefer that word. Nothing beats screaming, “MARMOTS!” when I travel the 36. I feel like they are good luck charms on a road trip (to see them, not hit them).


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