Back in April, I went to Las Vegas with a few of my girlfriends (and one husband who has earned himself a merit badge for putting up with FOUR women on vacation).

I had never before shared a bathroom with these women. It was only slightly more organized than chaos. One morning, while Alison was frantically looking for her moisturizer, I offered up her choice of the tiny, travel packets I had brought. No no no, she was looking for a very particular, special moisturizer. This was the first inkling I had that Alison actually travels with something like 30 different moisturizers, each with a specific purpose. And, when she was less frantic, I ribbed her about it.

I’m a light packer; the only reason I had moisturizer with me at all was because I didn’t think the hotel toiletries would support the three women we had packed into the room. Little did I know that I would have been the only person using them!

Somehow, over the past couple of months, I have started to turn into Alison. I have a hempseed moisturizer for my legs. It has a light self-tanner in it, so I switch to an all-natural coconut oil moisturizer for the rest of my body. Oh, except… I have a very light citrus-based moisturizer for my face. Which I just realized has no SPF, so now I need to add that to my routine.

Oh, dear.

(NOTE: The title of this post was originally Turning Into Alison, but I changed it in honor of Megan, who made a sudden screaming/groaning noise when I showed up for our weekly bowling night in my Moist t-shirt. I have no idea why she finds the word offensive, but that sound effect she made was sure entertaining.)

6 Replies to “Moist”

  1. Apparently the word “moist” is loathed by many, many people…there was a whole segment about it on “A Way With Words.”


  2. Mwuhahahaha! My diabolical plan to convert the world into lovely soft-skinned clones is working… I repeat, mwuhahahaha!

    Now if I could just get you to exfoliate the transformation will be complete…

    Oh, and it’s more like 42 moisturizes.

    You should wear that shirt every week to either desensitize Megan to that rather – in my opinion – innocuous word, or just for sheer entertainment… I was laughing so hard at Megan’s reaction that I think I peed a little.


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