Yesterday’s post stirred up a tiny pot of controversy with a few of my friends. I think I need to clarify one particular point: If you already know my name, you can find me all over the ’net. I know that. And that is exactly why I try to keep my name out of my blogging and “social networking” (ugh) world. Also, I daily appreciate the effort that my friends make to use assorted noms de plume when referencing me on their blogs/social networking sites.

As for “my” Facebook page? The one that my real-life friends kept telling me was in their collection of Facebook friends? You’d been had. It wasn’t me. I have never had a Facebook profile. I eventually convinced the folks at Facebook to take it down, since none of my friends ’fessed up as building a “fan” page for me. If it shows up again, please let me know.

Totally unrelated note: The “Tin Man” miniseries was nominated for an Emmy? Seriously? Were there not enough shows to go around this year?

4 Replies to “Addendum”

  1. Being a face to face friend I have a difficult time remembering your given name since you have so many sobriquets IRL. Darlin’, you simply have too much personality to be contained in a single name!


  2. I may be totally wrong here but it was my understanding that Facebook “Fan” Pages are sort of automated. Not sure how it works, but I assume it because of the “Click here if this is your business.” type of wording often found on business database websites.


    1. Fan and Business pages are administered by individuals. I think the pages you’re speaking of are “location” pages (I’m not educated on the official FB lingo) that might be auto-created by people “checking in” with their app. If someone else has created a Fan page for Tiddleywink, I’m honored, but I also can’t see it since FB has locked me out on both a business and personal level.


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