This is supposed to be where I write Monday’s post, but I’ve just returned from a whirlwind weekend in Minneapolis, and I’m tired. Besides, my friend Jason over at Moist Production posted these on Sunday, and there’s nothing I can write that’s better. (He doesn’t mention it in that post, but you can buy a yolk-less limited edition Yolkel from his online store. Or, if small sculptures aren’t your style, he also sells t-shirts and prints and one of his designs is also available as a Gelaskin for your iPhone, iPod, PSP, or laptop.)

3 Replies to “detour”

  1. OH…did he do “Splat” and “Helium,” too? I have those iPod touch wallpapers, that I downloaded from GelaSkins…also the “Helium” desktop background on Mac. Awesome artwork!


  2. Splat is my iPod wallpaper and I tell everyone where I got it…I would buy the skin if I didn’t have a case on it. Thanks for sharing!


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