Hats (comma) vintage

Yes indeed, Marge hit upon Friday’s teaser. Hats! Vintage hats! Vintage hats that I don’t have an appropriate hairstyle for, and therefore never wear! A horrible waste of loveliness! At least they look good on my small collection of Styrofoam heads. Note for future gifting occasions: I can always use more heads. I will someday encircle a room with a shelf that runs near ceiling height, stocked entirely with bewigged and behatted heads. Some people may find that creepy, but those people are unlikely to be my friends.

Click on the photo for more.

Orange straw bucket
Orange straw bucket

3 Replies to “Hats (comma) vintage”

  1. I couldn’t help crackin up whilst reading that description. At the same time I was reminded of the Night Of The Living Dummy stories.
    Now that’s entertainment.


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