Krazy Jail Time

Setting: Hot rod/kustom car show hosted by Krazy Kreations and Xtreme Collision in Westminster, CO.
Cast of characters: Three pretty gals, and one adorable pinstriper working on a motorcycle in the garage.

M: That pinstriper is cute.
T: Cha, YEAH.
M: Yeah, I thought you’d like him. He looks young, though. Like, you-could-go-to-jail-for-that young.
T: Seriously. Shoot, is he even 18? He looks about 16. I can’t tell anymore.
A: He could just have a baby face.

(looked at more cars outside; now making second pass through garage for some relief from the sun and once again watching the striper at work)

T: I just overheard someone say he’s 21.
M: (Disappointed) Oh, man.
T: (Jokingly) Hey, that’s legal!
A: (rejoining conversation) He’s 21? That’s legal!
T: My thoughts exactly! I should ask him to stripe my shoes.

A conversation followed wherein I attempted to hire him to pinstripe my shoes. He seemed uninterested; I didn’t pursue it further. Pinstriping under pressure is no good, and 21 is awfully young, after all. Perhaps we scared him. Later, while chatting with Scott, a car owner whom I’ve run into a few times, I noticed The Kid was curled up in the footwell of my acquaintance’s car, pinstriping the dashboard. Scott was suggesting that “Junior” should get himself some business cards so that Scott could send more work Junior’s way. Junior explained that he actually lives in Utah, and was just passing through. As my friends and I were taking our leave, I overheard Junior say to Scott, “I’m Bo Huff’s kid.”

Oh, shit. I was just crushing on Jr Huff. Jr Huff who is SEVENTEEN. I’m going straight to Hell.

Photos of my visit to the Hell travel agency, taken with my phone because I forgot my camera, can be seen if you click on Jr’s photo.

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