Geeking Goodbye

This blog post has been interrupted by my evening spent with a friend who is moving to CHICAGO tomorrow. Chicago. Tomorrow. As in, when I wake up in the morning, he will be gone.

I don’t remember when Dave and his wife moved in next door. I don’t recall how we first met. I’m sure we nodded our hellos here and there as we passed on our daily errands. I remember being amazed by their incredibly well-behaved dog, and it may actually have been Oscar who gave me the opening to really talk to my neighbors that first time. For which I am grateful, because they are wonderful people. Jessi and I have planned many sewing projects, although only she follows through. Jessi has hemmed dresses for me. Jessi has given me broth from her batch, made with the carcass left over from my Thanksgiving turkey. Jessi has insisted on driving me to the airport so that I don’t have to take a bus. Jessi has looked in on my cats when I’m on the road. And Dave…

Dave has been my tireless, responsive, and sometimes apologetic ISP for the last year. Dave has been my Mac technical support, most often at home, but occasionally at the office when my own IT team has been stumped. Dave has answered every pesky question I’ve ever had, at all hours of the day. Dave introduced me to Twitter. Dave helped me move my lame MySpace blog over to WordPress. This weekend, Dave got me set up with Google Reader. Between that and my new (temporarily phoneless) iPhone, and Dave’s presence in my home* for his last few days in Colorado, I have been full of geeky happiness. Tonight, we shredded old bank statements, a whole box of them, and giggled the whole time.

Kids, my life is richer for having spent time with you two. Thank you for everything you are.

*Jessi left last week to set up house, and the furniture followed her a few days later. Dave has been wrapping things up on this end, and I wasn’t going to let him sleep on the floor of an empty apartment.

5 Replies to “Geeking Goodbye”

  1. SO glad yer not ready to hie for Illinois… I don’t think I could handle one more friend moving out of state. Not a single one. Everybody… stay! STAY! Gooooood friends. Would friends like a treat?


  2. Yeah, I’m gonna miss Dave, too. I met Dave at Starbucks a few (five? six?) years back. There were a bunch of mac geeks that frequented the 24 hour one regularly. I don’t think I would of made it through my first year of teaching and grad school without them. Now, they’re all gone. 😦

    If you need geek help, let me know. And if you ever need to get your geek on, I’m only a tweet away. And there’s always iChat so we can keep up with the Chartiers, right?


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