Furminator 2: Secondary Review

Thursday was my second night of Fur Madness. Using a more “enthusiastic” method as recommended by Ms. Britches in the comments to yesterday’s post, I was able to remove a larger quantity of fur from the Happy Cat.

Review: The removed fur still suffers greatly from loose, fluffy, static-yness. Great tufts of it stick to the cat. I’m not sure that two nights of Furminating removed any more fur than the slicker brush would have, although Test Cat does seem less shedderrific. How much loose fur he manages to create by tomorrow remains to be seen. Of note: Test Cat thoroughly enjoyed the new brushing style. Secondary Test Cat was still nonplussed with the idea.

3 Replies to “Furminator 2: Secondary Review”

  1. Happy Cat is cool with all of this brushing because he’s learned that loose hairs interfere with time travel.

    And we all know what he’s up to down in the basement…

    You can’t fool us anymore Happy Cat!!!!

    “Meow, Meow” my ass! I know you’re really asking where we keep the lithium crystals!

    …so on to you Dude….


  2. As if your blog weren’t entertaining enough… now I read for your witty patter *and* Nick’s totally off the wall comments.

    Geek moment: I think you meant dilithium crystals, dude. Live long and prosper.


  3. Lithium, Dilithium, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Meth…

    They’re all crystals…

    I just hope Happy Cat doesn’t get his hands on any Plutonium…

    We all know what it did to Doc and Marty…

    1.21 Gigawatts!!!


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