random assortment of thoughts

My real neighbors (take THAT, Dave and Jessi!) are back in town for a couple of days. I spent a good chunk of Thursday with them, which was a lot of fun. We drove up to Boulder to grab some lunch, and as usual, the weather in Boulder was about 2 degrees warmer than absolutely perfect. So we walked around for a while, popping into various stores along the Pearl Street Mall. We played with EVERY SINGLE wind-up toy in Into The Wind. For some reason which is still unclear to me, although much appreciated, they gave me a Home Depot gift card. I immediately spent it on a new front porch light fixture and a neato programmable switch. The way I have it set, the light comes on at dusk but goes off at 11 instead of staying on ALL FRIGGIN’ NIGHT until dawn. Now that I have the new fixture installed… it looks kinda small. I don’t exactly have a grand entrance, but this light looks like it’s scaled for a dollhouse. Also, a CFL sticks out of the bottom a bit. I may have to uninstall and return it. 😐

I have been sleeping funny-peculiar, and that combined with this whole unemployed-and-trying-to-freelance-for-reals thing is taking a toll on my neck and shoulders. In a stroke of good luck, my favorite massage therapist, who moved to L.A. a while back, is in Denver this weekend. Shout out to seeing Carrie, good conversation, and getting that gnarly knot out of my neck!

My father is coming up to visit next weekend, and, as per usual, my house is a MESS. It boggles the mind, how quickly I manage to clutter this place up.

Eric Laufer, lead singer for the Two Timin’ Four, was killed in an early-morning hit-and-run in Austin on Thursday. His body was found nearly a mile away from his bike. I am sickened.

ADDENDUM: It was Eric’s bike that was dragged that distance, not Eric. The events are still tragic, though slightly less horrific.

5 Replies to “random assortment of thoughts”

  1. Ok I see how it is. A job forces us to leave town and now you toss us to the dogs cuz your “real neighbors” are in town.

    That’s cool, I’m good with that. We’ll see whether you get a Christmas card with a picture of the dogs. We may just run out of stamps this year.


  2. I can’t go into that store. It’s not safe. Even on my best behavior last time I came out with 20 new marbles for my collection, several new fridge magnets, and a burning desire for a new kite.


  3. I’m glad the massage helped! However, next time we go shopping… let’s not talk each other out of buying the things we’re gonnabuyanywaynomatterwhat. It will save us some money on gas having to go back the very next day to buy what we put back! That was classic!


  4. Yes indeed, Carrie and I went window shopping together at Boss Vintage, and then ran into each other there the very next day when we both (separately) went back to buy the items we couldn’t stop thinking about. Meant to be, I guess!


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