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A friend of mine has a daughter who has been taking a prescription-only medication for her acne. The daughter has come to rely on it, but is concerned about long-term effects (we know it can cause birth defects, which isn’t an immediate concern, but how long might it really stay in her system?). I know that I’m no doctor, and that the acne that I’m still dealing with at, ahem, my age, isn’t what I’d call “acute” or anything, but here’s a rundown of the stuff in my own medicine cabinet:

Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover Pads. Most makeup removers are oil-based, but I have enough oil on my own, thankyouverymuch. These do a bang-up job on the days I actually bother to remove my makeup.
Pond’s Exfoliating Cucumber Cleansing Towelettes. I hate getting my face wet, and splashing all over the counter, and rubbing anything gritty. These disposable cloths mean that I don’t need to deal with any of that. Plus, I can take them camping. Love love love.
Clearasil Daily Pore Cleansing Pads. These contain a mild salicylic acid. I might have an opinion on them, if I would ever remember to use them daily. Or even monthly.
Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. The tube says 100% of people showed clearer skin after only one day. Who am I to argue?
Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick. If it stings, it must be working, right?

I don’t use all of this stuff every day. Heck, I don’t remember to use ANY of it most days. And no matter what I do, I’m going to get a pimple when I’m getting my period. Nature’s way of saying, “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too.” If stress triggers your acne, then vitamin B could potentially help.

What are your tricks?

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  1. Oh geez! I hate my skin. My mother always told me I’d grow out of it before 25. That milestone passed a long time ago – apparently I have my dad’s skin. I’m only just recently figuring out what works for me. I have combo skin, oily in the T zone and really dry everywhere else. On top of that I have bad reactions to sugar, stress AND hormones.

    I have tried all kinds of things. 50 different over-the-counter solutions, pure makeup with no oils and additives, Proactiv, prescription topicals, even homeopatic stuff. Then, because I started working from home, I stopped wearing makeup except occassionally and then only non-comedigenic stuff like Physicians Formula mineral wear. I started washing my face with water every night and then applying Beyond Belief (,default,pd.html ) in itty bitty amounts to the dryest areas before bed. I’ve had a really clear-skin summer for the first time (with the exception of those damn PMS pimples).


  2. I’m a Proactiv girl. Every time I try something else or run out and don’t make it to the mall kiosk in time, I break out like a teenager after a pan of fudge. I don’t use it every day or exactly as “prescribed” but it does the trick if I use it 2 or 3 times a week. It also has the added benefit of making my skin baby soft. (That’s exfoliation, yeah baby!) I also use a spot treatment from Mary Kay to help with those period pimples. 🙂

    An added bit o’ non-acne advice ala me… take care of the skin on your neck and chest as you would your face. Why? Because it ages pretty much the same way and thus develops lines and spots just as easily. I use a loofah and specific moisturizer for those areas to try to keep those age lines on my neck from turning into crevasses.

    Happy scrubbing!


  3. I read an article about having acne break-outs when you’re an adult. Adult acne is not the same as when you’re a teen because your ph level changes along with your hormones so you should use products for sensitive skin.

    I took the article’s advice and I use Oil of Olay cleanser/toner combination followed by Cetaphil face moisturizer for sensitive skin and that by far has been better than any other methods I’ve resorted to in the past. I do have the Repairing Mask from ProActiv and occassionally will dab a little and let it sit over night for those little suckers that won’t budge.


  4. Just found your site and skin conversations always intrigue me. I’m always curious what others use and what works for various people. I have never had acute acne, but have always had VERY oily skin. As Marge said, I was suppose to grow out of it, but no luck so far. Anyway, I’ve tried everything out except prescription products like ProActiv. Recently I’ve had the best results ever. In the morning, I use Kiss My Face pure olive oil bar soap, Clinque City Block spf 40 (only sunscreen that has never given me an allergic reaction), and Bare Escentuals or MAC make-up (when I wear it). At night, I use the same soap, 2-3x a week I use Clinque exfoliating scrub (which has a touch of sylactic acid), and finish with Alba Hawaiian Jasmine and Vitamin E moisturizer. For those pesky monthly spots, I usually dab on pure tea tree oil with a q-tip (hubby hates the smell though). I plan to try Clinque’s spot treatment soon, no smell and a friend swears by it. And I want to try the Almay make-up remover pads now. Didn’t realize they were oil-free. My current struggle is lip balms and glosses. They all cause little tiny white heads around my lip line, especially in the corners. This includes organic, non-organic, oil-free and petroleum-free, brands too numerous to name. It’s really driving me nuts. Sigh…
    Another friend with serious problem skin and a gylcerin sensitivity LOVES dermalogica brand.


  5. Cora –

    Thanks for all of the suggestions!
    I don’t know if all of the Almay makeup remover products are oil free; be sure to read the labels.
    My newest lip balm (I usually use Nanak’s, Alba, or Burt’s Bees) is something that I found at Walgreen’s called Yes To Carrots ( Mostly coconut oil, it’s all natural, 95% organic, and they don’t test on animals.


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