The Ol’ College Try

I refuse to give up.

I sat the Singer down on the dining room table, with the Interrogation Room-bright overhead light on. I got out the manual. I flipped toward the back, where troubleshooting and maintenance can usually be found. The manual did not disappoint in that regard. I troubleshot. I maintained. I officially cannot reach the dealio that controls the thread arm. Is it really time to raise the white flag and call a shop? I hate to do that, to spend good money on such a goofy little issue. But Halloween is rapidly approaching, and my costume* isn’t sewing itself.

Grumble, grumble.

*Yes, my children. Singular. I am disappointed, but the current economic situation has my hands tied. I am going ahead with the one that was further along when my job was “eliminated.” Unfortunately, it is not the one that best fit this year’s theme. Still, in my head, it looks great, and if I can ever get this machine fixed (and remember to get my dressform back from the friend who borrowed it), it is so close to being finished. It still needs shoes, however, and I am torn between $37-but-will-likely-never-wear-again and $13-and-will-definitely-never-wear-again-if-they-even-last-the-night. I am leaning toward the disposable option. Heck, I can probably make my own! I do love a project. 🙂

3 Replies to “The Ol’ College Try”

  1. Is there anything I can do to help? You know I don’t sew, though I may be able to find a loaner machine (my sister might have one). My mom has some costume sources up her sleeve (being that she’s an actress/director here in town)…let’s talk. I owe you an email anyway…


  2. Thank you all for the offers of loaner machines! Clearly, I have an assortment of creative friends. My first choice would be to get my own machine back in running order, rather than risk duplicating the error on another person’s property. 🙂 If it proves to be financially distasteful, however, you’ll hear from me about it!


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