November’s Header

If you’re wondering, and you probably are, this month’s header is from a color slide taken at the 1959 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My mom and I are big fans of the parade, and she actually got to march in it one year as a “balloonatic,” one of the handlers for the giant helium balloons. I still tear up a little every year when I watch the Rockettes perform for the grandstand.

The very last Horn & Hardart Automat closed in 1991, and I am so very sad that I never ate there.

2 Replies to “November’s Header”

  1. Love this slide! You’re so lucky to get to see that parade in person & it’s awesome that your Mom actually took part in it. I also took a peek @ your sample of items @ ETSY & your work is adorable. I’ll be sure to take a better look at your things tomorrow.

    XoXo, B.Suzanne


  2. Yikes! Suzanne, your comment had me re-read the post, and I realize that I did unintentionally make it sound as though I watched the parade FROM the grandstand. My apologies. My family watched on TV every year (NBC-New York, channel 4). I remember asking once if we could go see it in person, and the very straightforward answer was, “It’s too crowded.” That was enough for me.
    I have also never been to Times Square to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Nor have I been inside the Statue of Liberty’s torch, or to the top of the Empire State Building. I am pleased to say that I did once play tourist and take a boyfriend to the observation deck at the World Trade Center.
    I’m long past due playing tourist again.


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