Walk away, and don’t look back.

I’ve talked about Butterick 4790 (the “walk away” dress) before. I don’t recall how long ago I bought the pattern, but I finally started the dress last September and stopped when I managed to hork up my sewing machine for a couple of weeks, and then didn’t get back to the dress mostly because of the tedium of stitching on nearly nine (NINE!) yards of bias tape. However, after the success and momentum of last weekend’s vintage sewing adventures, I finally got going on the last things I had to do to 4790, namely hemming and edging and buttons, oh my. And now that it’s finished,* like nearly all versions of the walk-away that I’ve seen posted, it hangs on me (and my mannequin) like a sack. This dress is meant to be fitted, and over heavy-duty shapewear at that. Modern sizing simply does not compute with this design. However… my friend Megan dropped by, and her shape is more, well, busty than my own, and the colors of this dress are just right for her, so… yep. The dress is now Megan’s.

*But for the buttons, which Megan will choose to suit her taste.


7 Replies to “Walk away, and don’t look back.”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the colors you chose. What a pity it doesn’t fit properly. I made a version of this dress a year or so ago and mine came out baggy and saggy too. I assume that when the pattern was re-drafted for the re-release, a LOT of extra ease was added. I were to make it again, I’d go down one size. Your friend Megan is very fortunate. Its a gorgeous dress!


  2. Hum….I think the dress is beautiful….maybe it doesn´t fit you as it should, but the dress itself is really nice! And the fabrics were very good choices.


  3. Holy guacamole! You did a great job. Sorry it doesn’t fit, but, hey– you finished! Good for you.
    I can’t sew anything. I ALWAYS manage to hork up my sewing machine. Three broken ones and counting!


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