I Thought I Knew You, What Did I Know?

You don’t look different, but you have changed
I’m lookin’ through you, you’re not the same

Visitors to my blog may notice some visual differences today. Hopefully that’s all you notice. A spontaneous conversation with my friends Jeff and Erica, who Know About These Things, regarding the possibility of moving my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, coinciding with an amazing offer to use DreamHost for a TERRIFIC price/yr., and the availability of my friend Dave (also home on a Saturday night, and WORKING, mind you) to walk me through the transfer with a minimum of fuss… well, here I am.

It took me a silly-long time to find and download my “old” theme, which is oddly less functional on .org than it was on .com anyway, so I’m using one called Loreto for the time being. It’s functional, clean, has stars, and red is my “signature” color, so that’s nice. ED. NOTE: Three days later, and I’ve already swapped out the theme again. I had recently added more orange to my store header over at etsy, and decided to carry the theme through. Mmmm, juicy! I am blown away by the number of available themes (that would be: the majority) that are butt-ugly and/or so “base model” as to be pointless. And yet, I can’t figure out a way to determine the usability without actually applying the theme and potentially borking all of my widgets. Which I did over and over last night.

Side note: “Butt-ugly” is an odd term. Most butts that I’ve had the privilege to see have been quite nice.

So anyway. New theme. I believe I went with the same permalink naming structure as my old blog, so hopefully nothing is broken in that regard. If you started subscribing to my feed a very long time ago, you may need to update that address. Yesterday’s ShoesandPie still redirected from the old tiddleywink address, but today’s ShoesandPie won’t. I don’t think. And ads. I hope to have some soon. I’d like to make sure that they’re not visually obnoxious or morally offensive (to my own standards). I need to look into how to do that. In the meantime, enjoy my new, improved, currently-ad-free blog site!

3 Replies to “I Thought I Knew You, What Did I Know?”

  1. “Most butts that I’ve had the privilege to see have been quite nice.”

    Just one of the reasons I tend to like you so much. 🙂

    Welcome to the new abode!


  2. RSS worked just fine for me still. Brought me right here. Have fun with the themes. This one looks very nice. I’m sure at some point, being the designer you are you’ll be tweaking the code and creating one of your very own.


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