hair flommers


(Flommers? Yeah. I dunno. I have some verbal affectations. That’s for another post.)

(Also: It would seem that I’ve feeling very parenthetical today.)

I wear hair flowers. I have, on occasion, purchased hair flowers. I have been given hair flowers in exchange for modeling them, and I have been given hair flowers as gifts. When there is nothing in my collection that is exactly what I have in mind for a particular outfit, I make one for myself. The photo above? Those are some of my own creations. At least four of them were made for very specific ensembles. I am not above carrying around a Pantone textile guide to make sure that the flowers I buy are EXACTLY the right shade of blush/sherbet/olive/whatever. I combine flowers for fullness, I stay aware of awkward gaps, I cover the clips so there’s no catching of errant hairs. I once made a whole bunch for a trip to VLV, with individually-applied-with-a-toothpick rhinestones on the petals, but used an inappropriate glue on the clips and they all fell apart when faced with 100-degree heat. Oops! Nick laughed, and bought me a tube of Loctite from the auto parts store. I have tested and settled on a better glue now. I don’t make them to sell them, but on very rare occasions, the Free Gift that I try to include with outgoing etsy orders will be a hair flower that I’ve made. (Very rare. I have to be in just the right mood. And the flower has to fit in the package without increasing postage. It’s only happened twice.)

What is this big, long-winded intro leading up to? This: Nick spent this past weekend hanging out with friends and going to see bands and showing around a couple of visitors from Germany. Before Saturday night’s concert, he turned and asked the visiting gals if they liked hair flowers. They didn’t even know what he was talking about. But, open the door to the venue, walk in… and every gal in there has a flower in her hair. Cute. But here’s really where I’m going with this: Nick said that my flowers were better than anything he saw in there. That I’d “win the hair flower contest.” Awwww, how nice!

Since I’m not selling my own flowers at this time, here are links to some of the vendors whose flowers I have in my collection.

Uncle Fezter’s Flowers ($5-$15, these are works of art)
DinoFleur Designs ($3-$25, from fun to fanciful)
Urbanity Studio ($22-$50, including custom wedding pieces)

And no, this is NOT a sponsored post. 🙂

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