School Lunch


As some of you know, I have an etsy shop out of which I sell jewelry that I design/make, and also vintage clothing and accessories. Aaaaand vintage sewing patterns.

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About those sewing patterns: Each one is hand inspected by moi, all of the pieces laid out and counted, to make sure the pattern is complete before I’ll list it. All too often, I’m missing a piece. On very rare occasions, there’s an extra piece from some other pattern. And once, there was a bonus custom bodice piece that a resourceful seamstress had created from a sheet of newsprint.

The newsprint is cut in such a way that I can’t read any dates, but the pattern itself was from  1961. There’s a coupon for 10¢ off Chun King egg rolls. For a mere $3.50, The Golden Ox on Steele St. would serve you a 1/2-pound aged club steak dinner with potato, salad, and garlic bread. Warehouse Carpet offered to send a “showwagon” (I believe a Dodge Dart) to your door, free of charge. “Crazy Otto” (Johnny Maddox) was playing at the Red Slipper Room in the Cherry Creek Inn. But the best part, as far as I’m concerned, is the listing of school lunches for the 4-county Denver area.

JeffCo, Littleton, and Cherry Creek schools have your standard issue lunch offerings, although I’m impressed by the Salmon Pattie [sic] with Parsley Cream Sauce at the Englewood schools. But Denver, ah, Denver. Before the oil boom of the ’70s, Denver was still very much a cow-town, and the prevalent ranching heritage is reflected in the “noon courses” available to l’il vaqueros. Denver kiddies got to partake in such lovely creations as Cowboy Macaroni, Round-Up Pizza, Bronco Chili, and Chuck Wagon Salisbury Steak served with Cowboy Bread. Yee-ha! I had to look up what a “Sally Lunn” is (a soft, white bread originating in Bath, England) and I’m still unsure about “Pole Potatoes.” But to be sure, these menus look mighty tasty. I would happily trade my own grade school lunches of, for instance, a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup and watery, canned green beans for the “corn dog with mustard, oven browned potatoes, buttered green beans, and butterscotch pudding with whipped topping.” Yum-mee!


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