Scripture Cake

Hmmm, I found some cookies in the pantry with a Best By date of 2008, so I’d better eat them, and while I do, I’ll flip through this copy of Maxine Mulvey’s “Hello Neighbor” Book from 1960. Mrs. Mulvey, for those of you who don’t know (I certainly didn’t), was an on-air personality at 850 KOA, and hostess of the Hello Neighbor radio show.

As I flip through the book of recipes sent in to Maxine by faithful Denver area homemakers, what should catch my eye but a recipe for Scripture Cake.

Scripture Cake?

I flip back to find it again.

Okay, here we go. The recipe for Scripture Cake was sent in by one Mrs. C. R. Van Dyke of 244 S. 10th Avenue, Brighton, Colorado. It’s a spice cake, and as best as I can tell, all of the ingredients are mentioned in the Bible. There’s a chapter/verse notation after each one. As for the directions, well, they include this charming little tidbit: “Add egg yolks and follow advice in Proverbs, Ch. 23, v. 14, for making a good boy (Beat well).”

Gracious living, my ass. 😉

Tomorrow: Fireplace Colors. In case any of my camping friends ::coughJAYANDALISONcough:: have wood-burning fireplaces.

2 Replies to “Scripture Cake”

  1. OK there have been no comments for … like, weeks or somethin crazy, so here we go.

    Cake! Cake is yummeh!
    Also, have enjoyed the rush of blogness. =D


  2. Where did you find her book? I have been looking for a very long time for one of her books. She was a close friend of my grandma’s. My mom was supossed to get the books my gramdmother had when my grandma passed several years ago. Her brother being upset threw them all away. Would you be interested in selling the book? I have been looking to get one for my mom.


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