All I Want For Christmas

pile o' presents given by Wink, 2006

People are asking me what I want for Christmas. How very kind and generous! For anyone who isn’t aware, I keep an ongoing list at and I have finally (to Mandy’s delight, I hope) moved the sold-out or discontinued items under a separate heading.

But there are things that don’t fit neatly into an online shopping list. Such as:

The Ungiftable
– I would like steady contract work, or, barring that…
– A very large sum of no-strings-attached money paired with unsteady contract work

The Unlikely
– Many, many months ago, I found a pair of ’50s or ’60s bronze glitter pumps at Boss Vintage, my favorite reseller here in Denver. The shoes are barely, but definitely, too small. More recently, I spotted a similar pair at Femme Fatale Vintage, but those are also too small. I would like a pair in my size.
– I absolutely love my gold De Weese swimsuit, but I’ve worn it to the annual Tiki Pool Party two years in a row, and it needs a rest. However, how do you “top” a metallic swimsuit embellished with embroidery and rhinestones? I need something fabulous, yet swimable (nothing in velvet, for instance). And, of course, in my size.
– I would be SO HAPPY if my car was the color it is supposed to be. Stealth Gray Pearl (RP24P).
– My car’s antenna is of the power variety. The motor still works, but the mast wore out and then the antenna snapped off a few years ago. This can make listening to the car radio a bit… frustrating. An aftermarket antenna/mast kit is about $55, but I’ve looked up how to replace it and I think it’s beyond my limited skill set. Not to mention my tool set.
– I have what could be considered an obscene number of shoes (although still far fewer than Megan, thankyouverymuch) and desperately lack the shelving required to store them all.

The Ongoing
– Some of you know that I have developed a small collection of tiki mugs. I don’t collect for rarity or value, and I don’t know anything about the few mugs that I have. I just like how they look. I hope to someday have space for little tiki bar and a few display shelves. In the meantime, I’m always on the lookout for more mugs.
– While it’s true that I actually enjoy cheese-in-a-can, for the most part I have a more refined palate. More refined than, say, my budget. Please know that washed-rind cheeses, macarons, springerle, and other fancy foodstuffs are always appreciated. Heck, I’d even appreciate a can of Easy Cheese. Mmmm, snacky!
– A MaxLifeâ„¢ oil change at Valvoline runs about $50 these days, I think. I’m just saying. I know, it’s no fun whatsoever.

Now, how about YOU guys? Whaddya want for Christmas this year?

4 Replies to “All I Want For Christmas”

  1. Antenna installation? No problem.

    Let me know when you have your antenna and I’ll take cake care of the installation. I’ll even let you look at my tools again.


    1. 1. Ohmigosh, @jgamet commented on my blog! I am famoose! 😉
      2. I’ve seen how you wield your tools and beat installations into submission. (See what I did there?) Thanks for your offer. I’ll start looking at antenna assembly reviews!


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