New-to-me sewing patterns!

I realize that I have a stash of patterns that so far remain unsewn. However, I recently bought myself some vintage red-white-blue striped fabric that is begging to be made into a summer frock and the patterns I have on hand simply aren’t appropriate for what I have in mind.

What do I have in mind, you ask?

Well, that’s actually hard to say. It’s a boldly-striped fabric which immediately made me think of a gathered skirt made from rectangular cuts. That is, if I want to go for a full-skirted look of the 1950s. I do love a full skirt, but I also love an efficient 1940s silhouette, although there isn’t quite as much of that in my current wardrobe. And what with this fabric being so patriotic and all, I thought that a 1940s look might be the way to go. With those two ideas in mind, it was off to Etsy I went.

A short time later the following items were en route to my home, from Vintage Rouge and Dawn’s Divine Finds (click images for larger views):

I was heavily leaning toward Sew-Rite 8045 (Oh, those turnback cuffs! That roll collar! Those not-eleven-buttons!) until Mikhaela posted the below pinafore pattern on SewRetro, and now I’m smitten with View 1.

Sweetheart neckline! Ruffles! POCKETS! I’ve found this exact pattern in a couple of places online, but those listings are out of my budget. It was a popular look at the time, so there are many options out there. It’s just a matter of me matching myself up with the right one. Oh dear, oh dear, so much candy in the candy store!

Of course, I’ll keep you all posted as (if?) the project progresses.

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