mail order 8149

Doing a little research for 11 (eleven!) vintage aprons I’m preparing to list, and I came across this ad for mail-order sewing pattern 8149 in a copy of The Pittsburgh Press dated February 26, 1948. I love the shirring at the shoulders, the scalloped button detail on the bodice, and the asymmetrical gathers on the skirt. I could see this in a cotton print with eyelet ruffles as a very nice day dress, but also a lovely party dress if done up in a taffeta or crepe with rhinestone buttons.

Even with the unique details, it looks overall like a fairly simple dress to construct. 11 pattern pieces as best as I can tell, including the self-belt. Plus neckline facings. If I were a decent seamstress, I could work this one out. Actually, I could probably work this one out anyway, were I more inclined to do so. But it’s not as though I’m running around naked for lack of dresses in my closet!

I couldn’t find it at nor in a Google search. I suspect that someone, somewhere, has a copy of it hidden in a cobwebby box in the far corner attic. And this is why we go to estate sales. 🙂

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