Flinty Eyes

I am a graphic designer. I make what you see, from business cards to billboards. But more frequently, I am a production artist. I work on what you don’t see: Bleed/trim/live areas. Kerning. Leading. Line breaks. Color builds. Correct use of open or closed single quote marks. If you can spot my handiwork, that means I’m doing it wrong. To the untrained eye, it should be invisible.

I am a ninja.

3 Replies to “Flinty Eyes”

  1. Dear Ninja,

    This makes me think of parenting (behind the scenes is where all the work is done), which is basically all I do these days besides think about writing things that I never write. Also, this makes me think about missing you and all my chums, and that makes me glum. Boo.

    Also, hi!


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