Bear Family

Mom: Here, I brought this over. When you were little, I intended to make this for you, but I never did get around to it. (pulls craft book out of shopping bag, shows me Bear Family project within) Do you want this stuff? I still have all of the material. (rummages in bag, pulls out stack of felt)

Me: You’ve saved all this? From when I was a kid?!

Mom: (sniffs) Well, it smells like patchouli, so I’d say yeah.


EDITOR’S NOTE: My mom has moved no fewer than ten, yes TEN, times since the publication date of the aforementioned book. Including two trans-Atlantic moves. So if you ever wondered where I get my hoarding tendencies, well, there you go.

EDITOR’S SECOND NOTE: At least some of the felt sheets bear a Michael’s price tag, and I know my mom didn’t live anywhere near a Michael’s before 2003. So maybe she’s not as crazy as I think. Maybe.

EDITOR’S THIRD NOTE: Ms. Saucy Britches should expect a patchouli-scented package soon.

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